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Moon phases, Moonrise, Moonset Times around the World - Moonrise, moonset, moon phase and position calculator for cities in the world. Get moon phase or distance for whole month (or year) or just find out when will be full moon or how old is current lunar cycle. Start with searching country (or city):

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SunriseWhat timezone?

Moonrise and moonset times will be in local timezone for shown city. Except on map page, where you can choose the time zone and coordinates.

Quick example: Moon information for city: Stockholm, Sweden:
Current: Stockholm Moonrise, Moonset, Moon phase
Year: 2024
Month: 04, 2024
Day: 2024-04-20, 00-24

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Why .5deg in domain name?

The idea: .5deg = 0.5° angle. This is the view angle of Sun and Moon from Earth. Calculation:

*Source:, moon facts (Retrieved:: 2017-11-29)

  km=kilometers, mi=miles. 1 kilometers ≈ 0.62137 miles; Source: km=>mi